Suzee GrilleySuzee Grilley has practiced yoga since 1980. She has studied many styles of yoga including Ashtanga with Pattabhi Jois, Integral Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, and Hatha Yoga with Dharma Mittra. Because her professional life as a dancer, choreographer and teacher is Yang by nature, her yoga practice in the last decade has been the slow, healing, Yin style of yoga that has prolonged her career in dance and aided her practice of meditation.

Suzee grew up in Los Angeles in the world of dance, receiving first a BA and then, several years later, the MFA degree in Performance and Choreography from UCLA. In the interim Suzee relocated to NYC and performed with the Nikolais Dance Theater, touring the world. She has performed and choreographed for many companies and has has taught these subjects at universities in Virginia, California and Oregon where she has received glowing reviews from students for her teaching ability.

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Suzee continues to choreograph for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and performs with mullti-media improvisational ensemble, Sonoluminescence, but because of growing demand for Yin Yoga seminars her husband Paul has convinced her to travel with him and teach this style of yoga based on her three decades of experience.