Chakras and Meridians Workshop - Istanbul, Turkey

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chakras, Meridians and Chi
In China the energy that animates the body is called chi, in India it is called prana. Chi/prana circulates in channels called meridians, and chakras are spiritual centers in the brain and spine that control the flow of chi. Taoist yogis developed chi-gung exercises to control chi and Indian yogis developed prana-yama exercises to control prana. The fundamental premise of both traditions is the same - chi/prana needs to be brought under control if the mind is to be calmed and the true self revealed.

Two traditions of the energetic anatomy
In Indian yoga there are elaborate descriptions of chakras but very sparse descriptions of meridians. In Taoist acupunture there are detailed descriptions of meridians but very sparse descriptions of the chakras. Following the work of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama this course presents an integrated theory of chakras and meridians.

This workshop is a presentation of theory of chakra meditation. We put this theory into practice by daily asana, pranayama and meditation sessions.

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