Unit 3: Chakra Theory and Meditation

Students receive 50 credit hours every time they take or repeat this unit. If a student completes 500 hours of course work with us they will be awarded a 500 hour certificate.

Venue: This unit will be hosted at the beautiful Land of Medicine Buddha, a retreat center in Soquel, California. USA

Room, board and tuition: $2375 double occupancy, $3000 single occupancy.

Registration: Please select the dates of the unit  you are interested in and you will be put in contact Margaret Hartman, Teacher Training Coordinator.

email Margaret for information about Unit 3: Chakra Theory: July 23 – August 1, 2019.

Prerequisites: Unit 1: Bones, Muscles, and Poses

Required text:  “Awakening the Chakras and Emancipation” by Dr. Motoyama. Available from CIHS

Course description: What are chakras? Is there scientific evidence for their existence? How are they related to karma, to health, and to spiritual practice?  This course addresses theses questions.

Chakra Meditation: Chakra meditation focuses on moving our energy and awareness into our spine. This course focuses on two forms of chakra meditation: nyasa and pranayama. We will systematically explore these techniques while exploring the theories of chakra meditation and what is likely to be experienced by a practicing yogini.

Daily Schedule

07:00 Meditation
07:45 Breakfast
09:30 Asana, Lecture, Meditation
12:30 Lunch
04:30 Asana, Lecture, Meditation
07:00pm Dinner