Unit 3: Chakra Theory and Meditation

This unit will not be presented in 2018. But if your are interested in being placed on a waiting list for 2019  then please contact Margaret Hartman, our teaching training coordinator.

email Margaret about Chakra courses in 2019.

Prerequisites: Unit 1: Bones, Muscles, and Poses

Required text:  “Awakening the Chakras and Emancipation” by Dr. Motoyama. Available from CIHS

Course description: What are chakras? Is there scientific evidence for their existence? How are they related to karma, to health, and to spiritual practice? Are they related to the energy meridians of acupuncture? This course addresses theses questions.

Chakra Meditation: Chakra meditation focuses on moving our energy and awareness into our spine. Chakra meditation is a broad term that includes several forms of practice, each form requiring a different kind of focus and effort. We will explore a range of these techniques, from mental mantras to muscular contractions. The goal is to develop a repertoire of techniques best suited to each practitioner.

Fascia and Meridians: Dr. Motoyama postulated and demonstrated that there is a flow of energy that measurably alters the conductivity of water channels within fascia. He believes these water channels are the meridians of acupuncture theory. This theory explains why yoga exercises that gently stress the fascia were developed in ancient times. We will explore this fascia-meridian theory is some detail.

Daily Schedule

07:00 Meditation
07:45 Breakfast
09:30 Asana, Lecture, Meditation
12:30 Lunch
04:30 Asana, Lecture, Meditation
07:00pm Dinner