Online Courses

Over the years we have produced three DVDs and two online courses with our partners at Pranamaya. We are proud of all of them and think you will find them a valuable part of your yoga education. Much of the content is not available elsewhere.

All of these products are listed on the website

The DVDs are:

Anatomy for Yoga: This dvd outlines how skeletal variations effect yoga poses. It is a foundation for yoga practice and teaching.

Chakra Theory and Meditation: This dvd has both theory and practice presentations. It gives a cogent, clear look at the theories of the chakras and how they are experienced.

Yin Yoga: This dvd outlines both the theory and the practice of yin yoga. Starting with the ideas of yin and yang it explains why we must stress yin and yang tissues in our body differently.

The Streaming Online courses are:

Anatomy for Yoga:  Bare Bones of Yoga. This online course compares the skeletal restrictions of different students in basic poses. It is eye opening to see how different students are and why their practice will always be unique.

Anatomy for Yoga: Shoulderstand. This online course is an elaborate presentation of how and why different students need to practice shoulder stand in different ways. It is an in-depth application of how to accommodate different body types in your yoga class.