Seven Archetypes

We believe there are Seven Archetypal poses that are the foundation of asana practice. 

The first Five Archetypes apply to yin yoga poses. They are: Shoelace, Saddle, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, and Twist.  Almost all yin poses are variations of these five archetypes.

The last Two Archetypes apply to yang yoga poses. They are: Dog and Dragon.  The Dog is the foundation of upper body strength.  The Dragon is the foundation for lower body strength.

Below is a link to a pdf file.  It contains images of the chief variations of the Seven Archetypes.  Please click on the link to view and to download this file.  We encourage you to use the Seven Archetypes as a guide for creating variations of poses for yourself and your students.

7 Archetypes pdf file