Yoga Studies with Paul and Suzee Grilley

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Yin Yoga is not a trademarked system and no special certification is required to teach it. But we believe the anatomical principles taught in our program will make you a much better yoga teacher, not just a better yin yoga teacher, but a better teacher of all forms of yoga. Because all forms of yoga are dealing with the same anatomical variations of the bones and fascia.

Learning what those variations are and how they affect the movement of the joints is fundamentally important to all forms of yoga.

Beyond the anatomical foundations of our program we hope you will consider the philosophy courses we offer. These courses are presentations of important yogic texts and ideas. It is difficult to find extensive training in these subjects and we have found that studying them with a committed group of yogis is immensely satisfying.

Please look over our course curriculum and contact us if you have any questions.


Paul and Suzee Grilley


Specific information about each of our units, including dates, venue, prices, and course descriptions can be found by clicking on the links to the left.

Our program is inspired by the ancient sutra model of learning. This model focuses on texts that are extremely condensed expressions of logically connected chains of thought. Our presentations are repetitive so that the concepts become easily memorizable. These concepts are then elaborated by lectures and demonstrations.

After you have completed Unit 1 you are free to take any of the other units.

Because our program is conceptually dense many of our students repeat units several times. Students receive credit every time they take or repeat a unit.